Sumé - The Sound of a Revolution


They took a nation’s heart and gave it a beat


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Sumé – The Sound of a Revolution

Sumé – The Sound of a Revolution

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In the 1970’s the Greenlandic rock band Sumé released three albums that changed Greenland’s history. Sumé’s political songs were the first to be recorded in the Greenlandic language – a language that prior to Sumé did not have words for ‘oppression’ or ‘revolution’.

They influenced an era, boosting the political process of establishing Greenland’s Home Rule Government and the country’s first uprising against the Danish colonial powers.

Sumé – The Sound of a Revolution is the story of an indigenous peoples’ fight for political freedom and cultural identity. Sounds of the 1970’s echo into a present where Greenland again faces the questions of independence.

Director Inuk Silis Høegh
Producer Emile Hertling Péronard
Produced by Anorak Film in co-production, with Bulitt Film & Jabfilm in association SVT, & NRK
Duration 52 min. & feature
Year of Production 2014
Original Title Mumisitsinerup Nipaa