What does it take to become an EU citizen?


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Like many other countries, Denmark has agreed to receive a number of UN refugees every year. UN refugees belong to those who have the greatest need to be resettled in another country. It is a matter of life or death for these people. Denmark has agreed to welcome 500 refugees per year, but has installed some special routines in order to find the ones with the best ‘integration potential’.

“Suitable” follows a group of Burmesian refugees who live illegally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and who´s only real hope for a future is a new life in Europe. The film gives a unique insight into these people´s backgrounds and lives. We follow them through the interviews and health tests conducted by the representatives of the Danish Immigration Service. Then breaking up with everything they´ve known and starting up a new life in Denmark. We follow their dreams and the fear of being rejected, the worries about the future, the desire for feeling safe – that their children can be safe…

The people in this film share the same destiny. They hope for a better life far away from the country they´ve had to turn their back on. They share the same hope: To get to a place where they can be safe.

Director Katrine Philp
Producer Rasmus Abrahamsen & Elise Lund Larsen
Produced by Bullitt Film for DR TV in association with UR
Duration 56 min.
Year of Production 2013