The Sting


This is the story about an expedition to Kilimanjaro, the mountain of Africa, to seek the deadliest animal on planet Earth, the Malaria mosquito


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The Sting

The Sting

The Danish doctor Søren Brix from Doctors without Borders is faced with a paradox: “Why can we get Coca Cola to the most remote corners of the globe, but we can’t get lifesaving mosquito nets out there?”
Every thirty second a child dies of Malaria and the purpose of Søren’s expedition is to find out why the parasite is still such a mass murderer. And what does it take to kill the killer?

The Danish doctor encounters the mosquito and its victim first hand, what kind of treatment works, and what does not. History is a treasure trove of failure but also successes like the bark of the quinine tree. Finally Søren finds the scientists, who are on the trail to finish off one of mankind’s oldest and deadliest enemies, Malaria.

For a long time it has been a mys-tery why pregnant women are ex-tremely prone to Malaria, resulting in very small babies born far too early. Now a Danish scientist is in hot pursuit of the answer to this mystery.

This documentary follows the de-ciding trials for a new vaccine. Will the professor hit upon another failure? Or is he on the brink of a great discovery that can prevent future generations of pregnant African women in getting Malaria?

The Sting is a highly moving docu-mentary, rich in real people, rich in frontline science and rich in hope for the future. All set in the scenic landscapes around Kilimanjaro.

Director Niels-Ole Rasmussen
Producer Dorte Servé
Produced by Copenhagen Film & TV for DR
Duration 29 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Det sidste stik