Stieg Larsson’s Millennium

Stieg Larsson’s Millenium books are selling like hotcakes worldwide, marketed as action but in truth fierce social criticism. Eva Gabrielsson was Larsson’s partner for 30 years.


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Stieg Larsson’s Millennium

Stieg Larsson’s Millennium

For the first time, she talks about his literary intent, about the reality behind his books, and about how she believes the books have become part of the global commercialism she distains.

The Industry, according to Gabrielsson, has subverted the original meaning of the books in its attempt to squeeze as much money as possible out of the Millennium series.

With Lisbeth Salander as action hero and a calculating marketing strategy, the series has been framed as an action story instead of the critical portrait of women’s oppression in a patriarchal society, which Gabrielsson claims was their original intent.

Because the two were never married, Larsson’s family have been responsible for – and earned the millions on – the administration of his books.

Director Georg Larsen
Producer Georg Larsen & Stig Bilde
Produced by Georg Larsen Film
Duration 28 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Stieg Larssons Millennium