state of happiness II


8 x 45 min.

Prosperity, wealth, and a whirlwind of opportunities follows as a Norwegian drilling company encounters the largest oil reserve in Europe. What could possibly go wrong?



STATE OF HAPPINESS II picks up the story in 1977 – five years after the founding of the national oil company Statoil – and ends in 1980. The second season tackles the transforming years where a burgeoning industry is growing out of control. After the first years of giddy success comes a wave of great disaster: Well 14 at Ekofisk Bravo blows out, causing a massive sheet of oil to creep over the ocean, heading for the Klondike fishing bank – which for centuries has been the wellspring of the Norwegian economy. Environmental politics is put on the agenda for the first time. Then industrial safety follows in 1980, as the hotel platform Alexander Kielland capsizes and 123 people die, trapped inside. Season II revolves around issues of safety, women rights, environmental protection, and the power of profit. How much are the lives of our families and friends worth? Has Norway sold off its future?

  • Director

    Petter Næss, Pål Jackman, Mikkel Brænne Sandemose

  • Writer

    Mette M. Bølstad

  • Producer

    Synnøve Hørsdal

  • Produced by

    Maipo Film for NRK

  • Cast

    Bart Edwards, Anne Regine Ellingsæter, Paal Herman Ims and Malene Wadel

  • Original title

    Lykkeland II

  • Format

    8 x 45 min.

  • Release

    Q2 2022