Splitting up Together


8 x 50 min.

SPLITTING UP TOGETHER is an edgy and loving portrait of a generation.



A couple with two kids, a mortgage and no sex life, gets a divorce. Finances force them to stay in the same house and take turns living in the basement. If living under the same roof was hard when they were married, imagine what it’s like when they split up. Line, who feels that she has been missing out on so much in her life, soon starts living a teenage kind of lifestyle including Tinder and hangovers – whilst Martin experiences a massive identity crisis. But the crisis makes him find not only himself – but also new meaning and a woman, who loves him. Meanwhile Line realizes that the grass might not be that much greener on the other side and maybe she isn’t really done with Martin after all? Their best friends, Rune and Pernille, try very hard to make Martin and Line’s love blossom again, whilst Line’s single sister, Maja, loses all hope of meeting the one and only and gets inseminated in order to make her very own family. But then the love of her life appears… SPLITTING UP TOGETHER is an edgy and loving portrait of a generation – in the middle of their lives – who suddenly must acknowledge and accept that family comes in many shapes and forms.

  • Director

    Hella Joof

  • Creator

    Mette Heeno

  • Producer

    Mie Andreasen

  • Produced by

    Happy Ending Film for TV 2 Danmark A/S

  • Cast

    Maria Rossing, Peter Plaugborg

  • Original title

    Bedre Skilt end Aldrig

  • Format

    8 x 50 min.

  • Release