The Specialists


Meet a man whose personal tragedy initiates a chance for a group of people on the edge of society


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The Specialists

The Specialists

Thorkil is head of a major company when his son is diagnosed with autism. He realises that although his son has many talents, his future prospects of getting a job are really limited. So Thorkil quits his job and fiunds the world’s first com-pany that only hires people with autism. Thorkil is met with a lot of good will – but to get contracts on board in the commercial industry is extremely difficult. The film follows Thorkil’s struggle for his dream, his company and his son.

Thorkils employees have working skills such as perseverance, accuracy, regularity and excellent memory. One of the employees is Adam. He is extremely talented at locating errors in the mobile phones. But in order to cope at a normal workplace one also needs social competences at all.

Director Ulrik Holmstrup
Producer Mikael Opstrup
Produced by Final Cut & tvDOKfilm for DR
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2009
Original Title Specialisterne,