The Sommers


Welcome the lives of the family members in the Sommer family – a family that undergoes dramatic changes as one of the members falls ill.


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The Sommers

The Sommers

A Family Drama

The Sommers is a drama series about a family and its generations – a series that focuses on what happens when the previous balance of power in the family all of sudden shifts. It is a story of parents and children, joy and happiness and unity and division within and across generations.

38-year-old Jakob Sommer has been working as a medical coordinator for Doctors Without Borders for a year, where he, among other things, has founded a treatment centre for the many HIV-infected children in the area. Jakob has brought his girlfriend Mille and her teenage daughter Lærke with him to Africa.

Back in Denmark, Jakob is missed in the medical practice that his father, Christian Sommer, has been running for more than 30 years – and where his older brother, 40-year-old Adam, is working as well. Although Christian considers Jakob to be a fiery soul, he also feels that his son’s idealism has gone too far – that his need to save a world that is beyond saving is an illusion.

Even though Jakob has no plans of terminating his stay in Africa until his two-year contract had expired his mother, Sophia, still manages to persuade him to bring Mille and Lærke with him for a visit in connection with the celebration of Christian’s 65th birthday.

As he is back in the family’s big mansion, Jakob quickly starts suspecting that there is something wrong with his father. And Jakob’s suspicions turn out to be correct – Christian is very ill. Jakob and Mille decide, although somewhat half-heartedly, that they have to settle themselves in the childhood home for the time being, until the whole family can come up with a decent and sensible solution to the new situation.

When Christian’s illness all of a sudden turns the family’s life upside down, old and unprocessed repressions resurface with renewed strength. All of the family members need to try to find themselves and each other, if the unity and love between them is not doomed to be lost for good. Furthermore there is the specific problem that Christian is no longer able to handle the work in his practice – his life’s work. The practice either has to be sold or taken over by one of his sons.

The Sommers is a drama series about finding one’s ideals and thereby finding the ‘big picture’ in the ‘smaller picture’ in everyday life. But it is also the story of people who throughout their work day try to see through others’ symptoms – without facing their own weaknesses and imbalances. Because in the Sommer family all of the grown up family members are doctors, married to doctors or dating doctors. This entails that their fellow citizens affect the life of the Sommer family – whether they are wealthy, unemployed, criminals, public employees, unskilled, academics, social outcasts, artists, homosexuals, business owners or non-ethnic Danes – with their greater or smaller problems.

Directors Carsten Myllerup, Kathrine Windfeld, Kasper Gaardsøe, Mikkel Serup, a.o.
Producers Katrine Vogelsang & Camilla Hammerich
Executive Producer Sven Clausen
Produced by DR Drama
Duration 20 x 60 min.
Year of Production 2007 - 2008
Original Title Sommer