Someone Like You


On a thin tightrope, high up under the canvas of a circus tent, Ayin dances gracefully like a character from a fairytale. Her sister Sky waits in the wings, ready to perform a poetic rope dance. This is the 260th performance of this show. And it is the very last one.

Someone Like You

Someone Like You

someone like you_Grand Prix Odense Filmfestival someone like you_The Talent Dove Dok Leipzig

The director of Someone Like You draws us into her documentary with alluring murkiness and shimmering poetry, and takes us along on a journey with the members of a circus troupe as they spend their last days together.

After years of artistic collaboration and intertwined personal lives, the troupe’s five artists have reached the end of the line. Both physically and mentally they are all exhausted, and the ensuing rehearsal process is subsequently splintered by a painful tug between the friction of their personal lives and a tremulous fear of the impending separation.

This particularly affects the two sisters Ayin and Sky, who find themselves venting their demons in the creative sphere of the rehearsal room.

Inseparable, after finding solace in each other in the turbulent years of their childhood, they are like fragile figurines in the final throes of rehearsals.

Someone Like You is a moving and stylistically precise investigation of the power of love and the need inherent in us all to use love to protect ourselves and keep ourselves intact.

Director Nanna Frank Møller
Producers Elise Lund Larsen & Anne Wivel
Produced by Barok Film
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2006
Original Title Someone Like You