Experience the beauty and brutality of the Nordic winter, its impact on the lives living there and how the winter has shaped the Nordic landscape. How do people and animals adapt when winter is coming? The forces of nature challenge us to find creative solutions. With knowledge built up over generations, we make our way – in four parts – through the relentless Nordic winter.


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Episode 1:
Winter is Coming: It is early in the season. Problems and possibilities are posed by the transition from snow-free autumn to the cold, ice and darkness that is on its way. Winter changes the landscape. In this episode we also look into the historical winters that came, disappeared and came back again.

Episode 2:
The Power of Crystals: The Nordic winter is surrounding us, but what is it made of? We experience the mighty powers of snow and crystals. How does it feel when you are trapped in an avalanche? And what can we actually gain from the darkness?

Episode 3:
Light and Life: When light gradually returns to the Nordic region, winter is still cold and full of snow and ice, but the brighter days invites to creativity, playfulness and new experiences.

Episode 4:
Fall of a Giant: When spring returns, the Nordic winter withdraws to high mountains and up north. But during the last decades the winter has changed. Are we experiencing a fall of a giant? We examine if winter in the Nordic region is in the process of disappearing due to climate change? Nothing last forever, not even the winter.

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Director Svein Haaland
Series Editor Ole-André Lagmandokk
Produced by NRK, YLE and SVT
Format 4 x 58 min., available in 4k
Release 2020