Snowden's Great Escape


The story of an extraordinary summer when the world’s most wanted man landed at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal F


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Snowden’s Great Escape

Snowden’s Great Escape

While sitting in a drab hotel room, Snowden was surprised and overwhelmed by the cynicism that his moral quest would reveal on the world scene. He was also devastated by the betrayal he experienced by players who claimed publicly to be his friends.

This is the account of the US government chase to get Snowden, from the Hawaii police force, to the air traffic control of Vienna, and the story of how Sarah Harrison of Wikileaks managed to smuggle Snowden out of Hong Kong and land him at terminal F, all the while the US did everything in its power to prevent Snowden from reaching Moscow. 50 days later he walked out of the airport in Moscow a free man while the world’s largest military-security machine had to admit it had lost the battle.

Directors Poul-Erik Heilbuth & John Goetz
Producer Sidsel Marie Jacobsen
Produced by DR & ARD/NDR in ass. with WDR
Duration 60 min.
Year of Production 2015