Skin & Bones


A story about friendship based on humor and irony and as all other young men they take a great interest in film, sport, girls, sex and partying


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Skin & Bones

Skin & Bones

Skin and bones_Best Documentary - SPOT Festival 201

However the three friends also share some seriously challenging living terms as all three of them suffer from Progressive Muscular Dystrophy. They live their lives strapped to wheelchairs on which various devices and equipment are attached which enable them some mobility and constantly blow essential air into their fragile bodies.

They are surrounded 24-7 by professional helping and caring hands to help them pee, shit and eat, and dress; but it’s impossible for them to enjoy any form of private life so for obvious reasons it’s difficult bordering on impossible for them to find love and sex.

Nevertheless they all three share an amazingly great zest for life. We follow the guys coming of ages, peaking when they are helped going on a sex trip to Berlin that will ultimately change their lives forever.

The prize for best documentary goes to a deeply moving and courageous film. A film made with humour, sensibility and human insight. The jury wants to thank everyone involved in this film – most importantly the three main characters – for insisting on reminding us of the most basic fact, that life is there to be lived” – the SPOT Festival jury.

Directed by Michael Stahl Dinesen
Producer Ellen Riis
Produced by Basmati Film for DR
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2015
Original Title Svindlerne