Friends on a Mission - The Amber Chamber

Family Entertainment 9 x 28 min.

In a small village on the Danish West coast a group of children discovers a secret German bunker from World War II while searching for a missing Russian treasure. But they are not the only ones looking for the treasure.

Friends on a Mission – The Amber Chamber

Friends on a Mission – The Amber Chamber

Twelve-year-old Niels lives with his dad and his sister in a little village on the West coast of Denmark. Niels becomes sad and angry when his school principal announces that the local school is to be closed and demolished. Both because the school serves as a gathering point for the village’s children, who will now be distributed around to other schools, but also because Niels’s dad is a history teacher at the school and is going to lose his job. The plan is for Niels, big sister Nanna and their dad to move far away from the village.

Niels is not willing to accept defeat and, together with his best friends, Tania and Charly, seeks out the estate owner in pure childlike faith to find a solution, but the owner arrogantly rejects the young and naïve Niels. But then Niels overhears a conversation between the elderly man and his two sons, and he begins to understand that something shady and noteworthy is going on at the estate: the owner is secretly excavating the manor’s basement.

It turns out that the estate owner is on the trail of the ‘Amber Room’ – a priceless treasure that the Germans stole from the Catherine Palace near Leningrad in 1941 during World War II, which has never been seen since. It has an estimated value of over USD 500 million.

Niels knows immediately what to do – if he and his friends find the treasure first, they can save the school and Niels could stay in the village. Full of renewed hope, they sneak into the manor’s basement, where they discover that the excavation leads into a gigantic and previously unknown bunker system. A bunker system built by the Germans during the war, when the estate was used as a headquarters by the SS. Niels realizes the ‘Amber Room’ must be hidden deep inside the old bunker.

And so begins the treasure hunt and the adventure for the group that consists of Niels, Tania and Charly and Niels’s sixteen-year-old responsible big sister, Nanna, and her two friends, Johannes and Louise. But in their search for the ‘Amber Room’ in the bunker, their friendships are put to the test. In addition to the abandoned German war loot, the bunker hides traps, and the estate owner is revealed to be the son of a Danish woman and the German SS officer who commanded the estates during the war – and he will stop at nothing to prevent the children from obtaining the priceless treasure.

Director Søren Balle
Producer Rikke Tørholm Kofoed
Produced by DR Drama
Original title Det Forsvundne Ravkammer
Format 9 x 28 min.
Release 2022