Sh*t We Never Talk About

6 episodes
30 min.

There are millions of things we all wonder about – but never really talk about. Not in public. Not even under the covers with our significant others. Until now…


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Sh*t We Never Talk About

Sh*t We Never Talk About

Sh*t we never talk about is a candid, confessional show that peeks into the bedrooms, locker rooms and saunas enabling real people to share their innermost secrets, thoughts and beliefs.

The series combines national poll results with intimate interviews filmed with an intimate and captivating visual style.

Each self-contained 30-minute episode will focus on a single theme ranging from sex, dating and death to family, food, fads, habits and hang-ups. The theme is set-up by a video package identifying the perceptions and misconceptions the episode will explore – and each episode features an in-depth personal story tied to the theme.

Is what we think, feel and do in line with the way everyone else thinks and acts?
Its time to find out!

Created by My Entertainment & DR
Produced & Broadcasted by DR3
Duration 6 x 30 min.
Original Title Gennemsnitlig sex, krop & død