The Ship that Changed the World


A historical drama about the birth of M/S Selandia, the world’s first ocean-going diesel-powered ship


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The Ship that Changed the World

The Ship that Changed the World

The M/S Selandia was a revolution to the international shipping industry and a groundbreaking invention made possible by the perseverance and determination of three visionaries: technical wizard Ivar Knudsen, inventor Rudolf Diesel and business magnate, H.N. Andersen. Their foresight made M/S Selandia a reality that changed the world forever.

Less than a year after the maiden voyage of M/S Selandia in 1912, Rudolf Diesel died under mysterious circumstances, followed only a few years later by Ivar Knudsen, who suffered the same ill fate. At a time when nations were on the brink of the World War, and with Germany and England showing great interest in this invention, is it too farfetched to believe that these deaths were more than coincidental, perhaps even result of a sinister plot?

Director Michael Schmidt-Olsen
Producers Jacob Bendtsen & Anders Dylov
Duration 58 min.
Produced by Chroma Film ApS
Original Title Magten Over Havet- M/S Selandia
Year of Production 2012