Sex, Revolution and Islam: Seyran Ates


In the 1960’s it was the hippies who brought the idea of sexual revolution. In the 21st century it is the female imam Seyran Ates who states that Islam needs a sexual revolution. In return she gets two Fatwas, three bullets in her neck, hundreds of death threats and 24/7 police protection. In her mosque in Berlin there is no gender segregation. In spite of sex or sexuality everyone pray together. This is the story of Seyran Ates’ present fight for a modernization of Islam.


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Sex, Revolution and Islam: Seyran Ates

Sex, Revolution and Islam: Seyran Ates

Seyran Ateş is a German lawyer and Muslim feminist. She founded the Ibn Ruschd-Goethe Mosque in 2017, as Germany’s first liberal place of worship for Muslims under a whole lot of attention from the Media and the Islamic world.

This is the story of Seyran Ateş personal and ideological fight for a modernisation of Islam. The only way to fight against the radical Islam is through Islam, says Seyran.

Seyran’s motivation is not only political, but also personal. Her nephew was deeply radicalized and brainwashed at school, through glorifying stories of martyrdom in Syria. Seyran helped him out of it and he is now her closest supporter.

This is film about peace, love and revolution – and religion – in the 21st century.

Director Nefise Özkal Lorentzen
Producer Jørgen Lorentzen
Produced by Integral Film
Duration 81 min. & 55 min.
Release 2021