Selling Children


Is poverty raising a generation of children for sale?


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Selling Children (Why Slavery? series)

Selling Children (Why Slavery? series)

In the world’s largest democracy, India, millions of vulnerable children are bought and sold, given only what they need to survive another day. Throughout Indian society the mechanisms of bonded slave labor are nearly impossible to escape for children who have become trapped in a system driven by profits.
This film reveals how the lack of education and persistent poverty provides a breeding ground for modern slavery.

We follow the lives of children who have been denied a childhood to be sold to work in mica mines, to work as domestic helpers or sold as brides when they are young girls. Their stories, which trace back to their families, expose how a deep lack of knowledge about the meaning of slavery results in the selling of children.


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Director Pankaj Johar
Producer Alan Hayling
Duration 52
Year of Production 2018