The Seduced Human


Also available as feature length

The Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth has provoked audiences around the world for a lifetime. He lives his life as an observer, governed by his senses


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The Seduced Human

The Seduced Human

After 40 documentaries and 20 years in chaotic Haiti – until the earthquake destroyed his home in 2010 – what is the meaning of such a life?

Jørgen Leth is existentially driven between desire, doubt and despair; the principle example of the modern observer, always ready to seduce or to be seduced. He is the aesthetic, but he is always in doubt as an artist, and existentially often in despair. He strives to create or else, as he points out, he would drown. His very ability to create, along with Haiti’s chaotic society and recurring catastrophes, remarkably lessens Leth’s own inner chaos and depressions.

The Seduced Human is a moral enquiry into the modern aesthetical position. Is the filmmaker’s life without ethics?

Director Truls Lie
Producer Dag Hoel
Produced by Faction Film
Duration 51 & 70 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Det Forførte Menneske