Saving Saddam


53 min.

The story of a man who was appointed by the US Government to save Saddam Hussein and the exclusive inside account of the Saddam Hussein trial.



Canadian Bill Wiley comes to Iraq to ensure that Saddam Hussein gets a fair trial. As the judge walks out, defense lawyers are murdered, and the trial becomes ever more bizarre, how will Bill manage to change Iraq’s notion of right and wrong. And will Iraq change Bill’s belief in the law? When Bill arrives in Iraq he is work-ing for the UN observing the trial but is soon appointed by the American government to advise Saddam Hussein’s defence. Even if the court is Iraqi led the American Government insists that a trial cannot be fair without a proper defence. This is Bill’s most difficult assignment yet. He will help Saddam’s defence team whether they want it or not.

  • Director

    Esteban Uyarra

  • Producer

    Mette Heide & Michael Christoffersen

  • Produced by

    Team Productions

  • Format

    53 mins.

  • Release