Sarajevo, Pacified


Listen to the moving stories of two ordinary people who grew up during the civil war in Sarajevo – stories they have kept to themselves until now.

Sarajevo, Pacified

Sarajevo, Pacified

Sarajevo, Pacified is the story about two ordinary people who grew up under rather extraordi-nary conditions. Emira and Adis both survived the siege of Sarajevo during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. Now, more than 10 years later, Emira, aged 28 and Adis, 26, tell us about the life as a teenager in a war zone and how it has affected them.

After his visit to Sarajevo, four years ago, Director Andreas Mon-ies Bøggild comments that “I was walking around in a city that at first glance appeared to be like any other major city. But I had a constant feeling that something unnoticed was hiding underneath the surface and that the now almost invisible traces from the brutality of the war were still lurking around the corner and in the peoples’ minds.”

He tries to portray this in this film through a combination of interviews and images of the war.

The interviews in the film vary with shots – at times very brutal – from the harsh reality of the war, both from the official archives as well as private recordings from people who lived in the war zone. With its unique filmic language and strong intensity Sarajevo, Pacified is a journey through the memories of the two young people – memories they rarely share with others.

Director Andreas Monies Bøggild
Producers Andreas Monies Bøggild, Jens Bruun & Jesper Dein
Produced by DR & Monies Film
Duration 39 min.
Year of Production 2007
Original Title Sarajevo, Pacified