Salt & Pepper


Experience the Arctic region’s incredible animal life – in the world’s northernmost zoo


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Salt & Pepper

Salt & Pepper

On a winter night in 2009 two small bear cubs, brother and sister, were born at the Polar Zoo, the northernmost zoo in the world. They soon made headlines all around the world – because while Pepper is a regular brown bear, the female, Salt, is a very rare albino bear.

Salt & Pepper follows life at the Polar Zoo, an animal park located in the very northern part of Norway. In this park, there are no exotic animals like giraffes and dolphins, but only animals indigenous to the polar region. Both the bear cubs and a new litter of wolf cubs are part of a socializing project that takes place in the park, aiming to increase animal welfare in captivity. While wolves have successfully been socialized in the park before, it is the first time that an attempt has been made to socialize bears.

As the seasons change, the series follows the animals in their natural habitats. The female lynx needs a new partner, while the socialized litter of wolves get ready to move to their new home in an animal park in England. Salt and Pepper grow up, and while the two new inhabitants are a great asset to the park and a huge success with visitors, they can also be quite a handful for their keepers.

Director Karl Emil Rikardsen
Producer Vidar Nordli Mathisen
Produced by Relation 04 Media for NRK
Duration 8 x 29 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Salt & Pepper