Join the Roskilde Festival, one of the biggest and most renowned music festivals in Europe.



For years the festival has aroused excitement around the world and with this film the audience will get an intoxicating feeling of being right in the middle the festival’s here and now. Get close to musicians, audience and the hundreds of people who work behind the scenes on Europe’s biggest festival.

With exclusive access, in front of and behind the scenes, ROSKILDE creates a musical image of the atmosphere through the eyes of the artist, the volunteer and the guest when a simple ploughed field is transformed into a musical centre of energy in which the ecstasy culminates and boundaries are crossed.

ROSKILDE tells an elaborate and colourful story of the festival; the story of a parallel universe in which 130,000 people seek out the same ecstasy; the story of the extraordinary atmosphere which saturates the festival and makes it all possible. It is a portrait of a generation and a festival that have grown up together and where the core is made of human diversity and room for the individual.

Experience live concerts with; Franz Ferdinand, Placebo, The Streets, Rufus Wainwright, Editors, Jenny Wilson, Mew, Sonic Youth and many others…

Director Ulrik Wivel
Producer Sara Stockmann
Produced by Barok Film
Duration 99 min.
Year of Production 2008
Original Title ROSKILDE