The Road to Europe


For the first time ever, a camera unit manages to get behind the facade of the EU power apparatus. This historic documentary gives viewers unparalleled access to the European leaders during the crucial negotiations to admit new member states into the Union.

The Road to Europe

The Road to Europe


Christoffer Guldbrandsen
Producer: Mads Baastrup
Produced by: DR & SVT
Duration: 58 min.
Year of Production: 2003
Original Title:Fogh bag Facaden

The Road to Europe is the controversial documentary that stirred an international debate and caused a crisis in the relationship between the Danish Prime Minister and his counterparts in France and Germany.

The film follows the Danish Prime Minister and EU President, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, as he leads the negotiations towards the Union’s enlargement.

The documentary provides a revelatory insight into what EU leaders really think of Turkey’s application for membership. We see the “before and after” of the Turkish government’s meeting with the EU, and when this sensitive issue is discussed in the presidency’s innermost circle.

We listen as the Danish Foreign Minister. Per Stig Møller, briefs the Prime Minister on Germany’s position on Turkey’s application. We hear him say that German Foreign Minister, Joscka Fischer, has told him that Turkey can never become a real member. And we learn how the decision on what to offer Turkey was really made.

In The Road to Europe, we also meet a desperate Polish Prime Minister whose government is on the verge of collapse, a furious President Putin caught off-guard as he brands all journalists “bandits”, and a German Chancellor fighting to reform EU agricultural subsidies.