Ride Upon The Storm


20 X 58 MIN.

From the creator of Borgen comes a deep and intense drama that delves into the Danish church and questions contemporary conviction and faith.


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Ride Upon the Storm (only scripted)

Ride Upon the Storm (only scripted)

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The story centers around the Krogh family – a legacy of priests going back 250 years. The family consists of the Pastor, Johannes, who is married to high school teacher, Elisabeth. They have two sons, Christian and August

When we meet the Kroghs, Johannes has the opportunity of a lifetime when he decides to run for the Bish-op elections in the Copenhagen diocese. Johannes is not the only one facing a new era. Both of his sons are commencing on a landmark journey, which will change their lives.

The youngest son, August, has created a successful livelihood for himself as a young priest in Copenha-gen. In a time where the Danish Church is challenged, he manages to fill every seat in his church, which both the media and the administration of the church have become aware of. August is married to a doctor, Emi-lie, and their burning wish is to have a child and become a family. These plans are temporarily put on hold, when he is deployed as an army chaplain in a war zone in the Middle East. This deployment will become fatal, not just for August, but for the entire family.

The oldest son, Christian, is a Divinity School dropout who is now completing his Master’s degree at Copenhagen Business School. In the eyes of his father, he has, in many ways, chosen Wall Street over the Cathedral, which has put a further strain on their relationship. Christian cannot find peace. Not in his relation-ship to women or in his choice of profession. Along with his childhood friend, Mark, Christian goes to Nepal on a trekking trip, which has dramatic repercussions for him and brings him in close involvement with Tibet-an Buddhism.

Back home in Denmark, the main person who ties everyone together, Elisabeth, questions her own presence and not least her marriage to Johannes and his extreme temper, his abuse and severe mood swings. Additionally, the way in which Johannes discriminates between his two sons will have big consequences for the unity in the family

The Krogh family are embarking on turbulent times, where everyone experiences how their lives change dramatically, and where they are all challenged on their personal beliefs and values. Is it God’s will, karma, fate or just random occurrences? It is a question of faith.

Directors Kaspar Munk, Louise Friedberg, Søren Balle, May El-Toukhy
Creator & Head Writer Adam Price
Episode Writers Karina Dam, Poul Berg
Producer Camilla Hammerich
Produced by DR Drama
Cast Lars Mikkelsen, Ann Eleonora Jørgensen, Simon Sears, Morten Hee Andersen
Original Title Herrens Veje
Format 20 x 58 min.
Release 2017/2018