Rich & Religious

It seems contradictory that preachers are making millions of dollars on faith


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Rich & Religious

Rich & Religious

The high life led by televangelists is in stark contrast to the people of their parishes and the bible preaching humility and a moderate lifestyle.

In his own deadpan style, we follow Kristoffer Eriksen as he uncovers the money behind the most popular churches in some very religious areas around the world.

Eps 1: In Brazil, televangelist Valdemiro Santiago has earned millions of dollars. He claims to be a medium for the holy ghost and to facilitate miracles. For his followers, he leads the path to a better life. He also prefers to traveling by private jet. Fortunately, the church has its own fleet, paid for by the believers.

Eps 2: In Turkey we meet televangelist Adnan Oktar. Oktar is haunted by various accusations for misconduct and felonies. Kristoffer has been granted access to a rare interview with Oktar in his private live talk show. Kristoffer takes advantage and asks critical questions to understand more about the organization.

Eps 3: Texas, US. The American bible belt is the backdrop for the final episode. Kristoffer meets multi-millionaire televangelist T.D. Jakes to find out how the pastor squares his huge profits off the parish with the reading of the bible.

Directors Adam Tatt, Nagieb Khaja, Harley Hersom
Producer Kasper Fredshavn
Produced by Drive for DR
Release Year 2019
Duration 3x40'