Refugee Comedy Complex

One of our most successful formats ”Comedy on the Edge” has now been remade with a twist to a new program, “Refugee Comedy Complex”.


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Refugee Comedy Complex

Refugee Comedy Complex

Our famous host Jan Gintberg has produced 7 seasons of Comedy on the Edge on DR1. This new show brings us closer to a Syrian refugee who Jan gets to know, and asks all the questions we all want to ask.

This show is important, because the host creates a space, where, by using humor and comedy, serious and heavy issues are discussed. The host of “Comedy on the Edge” befriends a refugee. They teach each other about their cultures, and introduce each other to their everyday lives.

The war in Syria influences all of Europe. It is covered by the media and in politics, but for many it is felt in a much more obvious way. Refugees have become part of many people’s everyday lives because the refugees from Syria have become their new neighbors. They use the same super market or just because they live in the same town. This format’s aim is to break down the barrier, and get to know the refugee who lives in our town.

Created & Produced by DR
Broadcast by DR 1
Duration 2 x 45 min
Original Title En Flygtning Krydser mit Spor