The Protectors


Emmy Winner 2009 – Scandinavian Rights only


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The Protectors

The Protectors

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In season one of The Protectors, Jasmina (Cecilie Stenspil), Rasmus (Søren Vejby) and Jonas (André Babikian) are the three newest members of the elite Personal Protection Unit based in Copenhagen who are tasked with guarding people recognized as potential targets for terrorist groups, such as members of the Royal Family or politicians. This series follows them in their day to day as they adjust to the pressures of their new job while trying to maintain balance in their personal lives as well. 

As the second gripping season of The Protectors begins, Denmark is still shaken by the outrage caused in the Islamic world over the publication of a Muhammad cartoon in a Danish newspaper. The Protection Unit of the Danish Intelligence Bureau is faced with a precarious mission, when the Foreign Minister moves to re-open the embassy in Islamabad, closed after a terrorist bombing several years before, the lives of many are at risk – not only in Denmark, but as far away as Moscow and Islamabad. Despite their relentless efforts, murders cannot always be prevented, and suicide bombers cannot always be stopped – even by a highly experienced and elite unit such as this. 

Season 1 consists of 10 episodes, aired in 2009 (Average share 50%) and season 2 consists of 10 episodes, aired in 2010 (Average share 51%) 


Director Mikkel Serup, a.o.
Author Peter Thorsboe & Mai Brostrøm
Producer Sven Clausen
Produced by DR Drama
Duration 20 x 58 min.
Year of Production 2009-2010
Original Title Livvagterne