The Plague Across Europe

2 episodes
58 min.

A two-part programme about a period of European history in which mass death became part of everyday life and in which man and society experienced an unparalleled transformation.

The Plague Across Europe

The Plague Across Europe

In the last thousand years, surely no single historic event has led to such huge changes in society and mankind as the disease we know as the Plague.

The first wave of the disease is now referred to as the Black Death. This wave raged for years. It was followed by sucessive outbreaks which killed millions across the continent. It ravaged Europe for four centuries.

The Plague across Europe examines the plague from two angles. The first of which, looks at the disease as we understand it from the last 400 years, incorporating the latest scientific research. The second angle focuses on the historical transformation of society and culture brought about by the Plague

The programmes use new material and archival footage to take the viewer around Europe to the places known to have been impacted by the Plague. A number of European scientists are also interviewed.

Directors & Producers Mads Baastrup & Lone Leegaard
Produced by DR
Duration 2 x 58 min.
Year of Production 2003
Original Title Pesten