Pirate Hunt


For the first time ever, a TV-crew has followed the battle against modern piracy at close range


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Pirate Hunt

Pirate Hunt

During three dramatic months we are onboard the high-technology Danish NATO warship Absalon where we get beneath the skin of the 150 crew members. We follow life on board and the intense hunt for pirates along the coast of Somalia, where hostage-taking, trading in human lives and open fire between NATO warships and rebuild fishing boats used by pirates as floating hostage prisons are the order of the day.

The power structure is uneven. The warships make the pirates’ improvised dinghies and old wooden fishing boats seem ridiculous. However, there is nothing to laugh about. As always, things are much more complicated and complex when you are in a tough dilemma with a gun at your disposal than they appear from a distance.

Director Adam Dyrvig Tatt & Signe Daugbjerg
Producer Sune Roland & Ulrik Skotte
Produced by Metronome Productions a/s & DocEye FOR TV3
Duration 6 x 42 min.
Year of Production 2012
Original Title Piratjagt