Pimp My School Picture

22 min.
Season 1: 7 episodes / Season 2: 10 episodes

Year after year school pictures have stayed the same: boring and dull. But not anymore!


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Pimp My School Picture

Pimp My School Picture

Pimp My School Picture – brings the dreams of any school class alive and helps them make the school picture of unforgettable and fun. Some wish to be ninjas and others in the middle of a hurricane. Or how does it look like when a small town school turns into Oscar-galla? A professional photographer and a large number of other professionals from different fields will help the students make their dream photo come true.

Pimp My School Picture is a prime time show for the whole family. A show full of surprises, great emotions and where they sky is the limit in creativity.The show is stand alone episodes and each episode are filmed in two days. During the first day students make all the preparations for the picture. Second day they take the picture and in the afternoon it’s revealed to the whole school.

The challenge is: will the students and the photographer be able to fulfill their wild plans in just two days? This is a format we have never seen before, with great potential for being as big as you want. “A program where cows can fly and the students can turn into Hollywood superstars”.

Genre Family Entertainment
Producer Elsa Tolonen
Executive producer Hyppe Salmi
Produced by Yle Youth
Broadcaster Yle TV2
Duration Season 1: 7 x 22 min. / Season 2: 10 x 22 min.
Year of Production 2014-2015
Original Title Unelmien koulukuva