Pablo's Hippos


The stories of Pablo Escobar and Pablo the Hippo


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Pablo’s Hippos

Pablo’s Hippos

Pablo’s Hippos recounts the absurd and paradoxical history of Colombia’s thirty-year struggle with international drug trafficking, both a farce and a tragedy, as seen through the eyes of the extravagant pet of the most powerful drug baron in history: a hippopotamus named Pablo.

Pablo Escobar was the world’s most notorious drug dealer and the third richest man in the world. He lived outside Medellin, complete with a lavish mansion and guest houses, stables, night club, private car collection (including those belonging to Bonnie & Clyde and Al Capone), a full-size concrete dinosaur park, a bull ring and a private zoo.

Producers Lawrence Elman & Antonio von Hildebrandt
Produced by Lawrence Elman
Duration 78 min.
Year of Production 2010
Original Title Pablo’s Hippos