Outstanding Houses of the North


Experience the splendour of Nordic architecture


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Outstanding Houses of the North

Outstanding Houses of the North

Outstanding Houses of the North examines some of the most remarkable single-family houses build in the Nordic countries from 1930 to 1960. They all have a beauty able to resist the passage of time and the tides of fashion. This golden age produced a number of houses unrivaled to the rest of the world.

The new Nordic architecture was promoted by the Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund who had made functionalism popular with the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930, he made functionalism mainstream in the North, and it has stayed that way because of Asplunds vision of a warm and cheerful new Tomorrow. Architects called it Nordic Modernism.

The first of six episodes examines Asplund’s summer house build in 1937 south of Stockholm, one of the most important houses of the 20th century, while the following episodes take us further on to unique Nordic single-family houses of architects like Eva and Nils Koppel, Ralph Erskine, Bruno Mathsson, Halldor Gunnløgsson and Inger and Johannes Exner.

Director Jan Haugaard
Producer Lars Rønnow Torp
Produced by DR
Duration 6 x 28 min.
Year of Production 2013
Original Title Nordens Enestående Huse