8 x 15-20 min.

OUTLAW is about rootlessness and alienation and about the consequences of not feeling recognised by society and not having a sense of belonging. The series is based on true events.



Mo has a great job as a chef, a beautiful girlfriend, Ida, and the future is looking bright. But suddenly, in the middle of a lovely birthday dinner with the in-laws, the police come knocking on the door. Mo gets arrested and remanded in custody for armed robbery and his and Ida’s lives are turned upside down. While waiting for news about his case, Ida visits Mo in prison and tells him she’s pregnant. They’re both very excited, but at a questioning with the police, the investigator asks about Mo’s innocence which leaves Ida doubting the situation and she decides to get a medical abortion. Meanwhile, Mo gets a job in the kitchen and meets the prison chef Abdallah. Later, Ida tells Mo she’s lost the baby, the frustrations pile up and Mo ends up having a tantrum. Abdallah helps him find peace by introducing him to Islam. Eight months later Mo gets released. But returning to his old life after prison is hard. So, he turns to Abdallah and becomes involved in an Islamic relief organisation. Mohammed meets two refugee kids from Syria who make a huge impression on him. Affected by the boys and the latest events in his life, Mohammed decides to go with the relief organisation to Syria.

  • Director

    Laurits Flensted-Jensen

  • Creator

    Malthe Jagd Miehe-Renard, Babak Vakili

  • Producer

    Siri Bøge Dynesen

  • Produced by

    Strong Productions, Splay One

  • Cast

    Besir Zeciri, Maria Cordsen, Afshin Firouzi

  • Original title


  • Format

    8 x 15-20 min.

  • Release


Awards & festivals

  • Winner

    Best Short TV Series, Danish Film Awards


  • Winner, Besir Zeciri

    Best Leading Male Character in TV Series, Danish Film Awards


Outlaw at festivals

Official Selection: Berlinale Series Market Selects 2022

Official Selection: Short Form Competition, Series Mania 2022