Out of Love


A gripping and unorthodox story about the experiences of children in an unreal-looking Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.


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Out of Love

Out of Love

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We are in Kosovo, among the city’s street children, in 2009. Fusing documentary and fiction, Out of Love depicts the lives of these children trying to survive the aftermath of war by selling cigarettes on the street.

Through monologues performed by the children against the eerie backdrops of Pristina, the film tells their gripping and sad story of memory, loss and fear. But we are as far from observational documentarism as one can make it.

The film’s director is looking for something else. She wants to tell a story that rises above street level; a story about the children and their loss, grief, survival and humanity.

A story that goes much further than the story of the individual, instead tackling their collective history and thus a reality that is much broader.

Director Birgitte Stærmose
Producer Jesper Morthorst
Executive Producers Tine Grew Pfeiffer & Christoffer Boe
Produced by Alphaville Pictures
Duration 29 min.
Year of Production 2009
Original Title Ønskebørn