Once the Dust Settles

10 episodes
60 min.

We are each other’s world and each other’s destiny

Once the Dust Settles

Once the Dust Settles

We are at a restaurant. Couples are chatting, friends are eating dinner together, some guest asks for more wine. A little girl is sitting by the window. Today is her birthday and she is celebrating with her mother. Suddenly the door opens. Two men enter. Carrying automatic weapons they start shooting.

This is how Once the Dust Settles opens. Cut to 10 days earlier. We meet our eight leading characters in medias res – in the lives they happen to be living, with happiness and challenges big and small, and the unencumbered feeling that life will last forever. But we know that something is inevitable and the journeys our characters are making suddenly become tales of destiny.

In ‘Once the dust settles’ we follow a handful of people before and after a terrorist attack on a Copenhagen restaurant. We see how their lives and fates interweave throughout the season. The series aims to be a celebration of life and shows that we are not isolated individuals but are constantly interfering with each other’s actions, influencing each other’s destinies. The series is a multi-character-born drama series in ten one-hour episodes; a dynamic, captivating narrative form new to Denmark.

Ready to air Q1 2020

Directors & Writers Dorte W. Høgh & Ida Maria Rydén
Executive producer Christian Rank
Produced by DR Drama
Duration 10 x 1 hour
Year of Production 2019
Original Title Når støvet har lagt sig