On The Edge of Freedom


60 min and 74 min.

Young and fearless in the conflict-ridden post-Soviet Union.



In recent years there has been an explosive increase of online video clips featuring young people exploring cities from dizzying heights at great personal risks. This phenomenon is called ”urban exploring” or ”urbex.” Behind the most viewed clips are the so-called roofers. They scale towers, masts, cranes, bridges and skyscrapers by climbing all the way to the top. Here they balance on the edge of the abyss without any kinds of safety measures. Young Russians and Ukrainians are responsible for a large portion of the roofing-content on YouTube. On the Edge of Freedom gives us a closer look at two roofers to find out why they are driven to the edge.

  • Director

    Anita M. Hopland & Jens Lengerke

  • Producer

    Søren Steen Jespersen

  • Produced by

    Larm Film for DR TV, UR & VG TV

  • Format

    60 mins.

  • Release