Olga: The Last Grand Duchess

Daughter of Tsarina Dagmar and Russian Czar Alexander III, sister of the last Czar Nicholas II, Olga Romanov was born into a life of pomp and splendor in St. Petersburg but died in obscurity above a modest shop in Toronto.


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Olga: The Last Grand Duchess

Olga: The Last Grand Duchess

Olga’s story encompasses two World Wars, a revolution, thrilling escapes and two exiles. Rare footage from Russian archives presents a record of momentous events that shaped the century, while contemporary footage, shot in Russia, Denmark and Canada, shows the range of lifestyles she experienced.

Interviews with people who knew Olga create an insider’s sense of this woman’s amazing character, and the narration from Olga’s diaries and memoirs allow an intimate view of her remarkable life voyage.

This is a story of an extraordinary woman who refused to look back to her glorious past and bravely embraced the perilous future. It is a story of forbidden love, enduring passion, courage and endurance.

Director Sonja Vesterholt
Producer Barbara Barde, Linda Stregger & Sonja Vesterholt
Produced by Up Front Entertainment & Vesterholt Film & TV, In association with History Television Inc., DR, AVRO, Canal Digital, NRK, SVT, VRT, W Network & YLE
Duration 52 min.
Year of Production 2003
Original Title Olga: The Last Grand Duchess