Old & Wise

58 min., 70 min. or 7 x 9-11 min.

Old & Wise is a series of 7 short documentaries investigating what growing old means to different people.

Old & Wise

Old & Wise

MOMENT is a group of 7 professional filmmakers who have committed themselves to an exploration of the methods and language of documentary filmmaking. The members actively use their different cultural and educational backgrounds in a distinctly personal approach to the subject.

“We have chosen to make 7 films about old people because there is very little focus on the subject in the media. We believe there is an ever increasing culture of youth idealisation in society, which leads to a fear of becoming old. It is our goal to tell some of the positive stories of old people.

We have investigated what it means to become old. What are the lessons learned from life? How do people cope with diminishing health and poor memory? What is their opinion about the lives that people live today, and the lives they lived when they were younger? What would they do differently if they could live their lives again? What does joie de vivre mean to them?”

The films can be shown individually as fillers of between 9 – 11 min. or together as one 58 min. film.

Directors & Producers Yrsa Wedel, Mehmet Özcelik, Ulrik Gutkin, Suvi Andrea Helminen, Kenneth Sorento, Per Leibeck & Marianne Leth
Produced by MOMENT
Duration 58 min., 70 min. or 7 x 9-11 min.
Year of Production 2004
Original Title Alderdom