Norskov is a rough harbour town in northern Jutland, fighting for its future. Mayor Martin Kierkegaard is struggling to give the town a new identity, but a growing drug problem among the town’s young people is throwing a monkey wrench into his visionary plans. When a fifteen-year-old girl almost dies from an overdose of cocaine, the mayor looks for help from the outside. And who is more obvious for the task than Martin’s brother-in-law, Tom Noack, who is a police investigator and a specialist in drug crime.


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Norskov I

Norskov I

Tom Noack has been a policeman for seventeen years. He has worked with hard-core organised crime and been stationed in war zones and areas of armed conflict. So, when he returns to the town of his birth to help clean up the streets, he does not figure it is going to be a great challenge. But a reunion with the love of his youth, Diana, quickly complicates Tom’s work. It turns out that Diana’s son Oliver, an up-and-coming hockey star, is in the police searchlight; but when Tom comes to suspect that the boy is more likely covering for his mother, he confronts Diana, and it has tragic consequences.

When Diana dies in a traffic accident, Tom assumes responsibility for her orphaned son and takes on the role of comforter to her brother, his childhood friend Casper Bondesen, called Bondy. At the same time, Diana’s death provides new clues in Tom’s investigation, and the apparently banal task of cleaning up Norskov’s nightlife grows into a case involving drug smuggling at a calibre that overwhelms the resources of the local police.

But Diana is not the only one of Tom’s old relationships who has been harbouring a secret. It is also true of his sister Jackie, the director of the family business Noack Furniture, their mother businesswoman Susanne Noack, Bondy, who has clawed his way up from a tough childhood to a position as a major contractor, father, and sponsor of the town’s icehockey team, and Martin who as mayor must juggle many opposing interests for the good of the town. Everyone is hiding something – and at least one of them knows who Oliver’s father is.

As Tom becomes entangled in the town’s intrigues, his job grows into one of unravelling an international drug ring, and Tom himself is forced to keep secrets from those closest to him. Tom has to navigate between the people he loves and the job that is his profession, a balancing act that becomes ever more difficult as Tom winds up shouldering the destinies of both young Oliver and the town of Norskov.

Norskov is a series about life in a provincial town, about society, crime, and destiny, and about how we are all connected.

Directors Heidi Maria Faisst (The Legacy), Dagur Karí, Louise N.D. Friedberg (Ride Upon The Storm, The Legacy, Summer), Birgitte Stæremose, Søren Balle (Ride Upon The Storm, Follow The Money, The Killing, Happy Life)
Head Writer Dunja Gry Jensen
Producers Jesper Morthost (Rita) and Senia Dremstrup
Produced by SF Studios for TV2 Danmark
Cast Thomas Levin (Borgen), Claus Riis Østergaard, Jacob Lohman
Original Title Norskov
Duration 10 x 42 min.
Release 2015