Norskov II


Also available as scripted, 6 X 42 MIN.

Norskov is about life in a provincial town, about crime and destiny, about strong women taking the matter in to their own hands and about how we are all connected. This season can be seen as both a sequel and a standalone mini-series.


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Norskov II

Norskov II

When entrepreneur Casper “Bondy” Bondesen is sentenced to prison for 14 years for drug trade, his Serbian born wife Claudia steps up as head of his construction company, taking charge of her own life. The imprisonment leaves Norskov’s well-known network in pieces, old collaborations are broken and alliances weakened.

Claudia’s efforts to survive and find her way, bring her on collision course with the new harbour chief Martin’s plans of bringing the town towards green energy. A rivalry starts, with Claudia on one side and Martin and his wife Jackie on the other, fuelled by misunderstandings, jealousy, and anger.

In between the two families, Bondy’s nephew Oliver is looking for a home and a standpoint. He feels like a stranger among his adoptive parents Martin and Jackie, so he chooses his blood ties to Bondy and an identity as a criminal. When Claudia discovers that Bondy’s working against her, monitoring her from prison, she’s left all alone in Norskov with no one to trust.

The police detective Tom tries as the only one to support Claudia. However, realizes too late that he’s fallen in love with her, the wife of his childhood friend. Only when Claudia has fought her way into a new community, she finds the strength to stand up for herself, deal with her husband and become free. During this, Oliver has to choose if he’s ready to pay the price of being part of a criminal brotherhood.

Season 1 focused on the three childhood friends Tom, Martin, and Bondy who have chosen separate paths in life: Martin as mayor of Norskov, Bondy as a successful but corrupt entrepreneur, and Tom who left town and became a successful police detective. In season 2, we return to Norskov eight months after the events of season one. The women of Norskov play a stronger part in the drama and reflect the themes of identity, masculinity, and crime from new angles. This season can be seen as both a sequel and a standalone mini-series.

Norskov is a rough harbour town in northern Denmark, once a proud, busy industrial seaport, now a town searching for a new identity. The series is about life in a provincial town, about community, and about how we’re all connected. Season 1 was critically acclaimed for its authentic portrayal of the characters and fascinating milieu, and it was awarded “Best Danish TV-Series” at CPH TV Festival 2017.

Directors Heidi Maria Faisst (The Legacy), Dagur Karí, Louise N.D. Friedberg (Ride Upon The Storm, The Legacy, Summer), Birgitte Stæremose, Søren Balle (Ride Upon The Storm, Follow The Money, The Killing, Happy Life)
Head Writer Dunja Gry Jensen
Producers Jesper Morthorst (Rita) and Senia Dremstrup
Produced by SF Studios for TV2 Danmark
Cast Thomas Levin (Borgen), Claus Riis Østergaard, Jacob Lohman
Original Title Norskov II
Duration 6 x 42 min.
Release 2017