The adventurous traveler Audun Amundsen is spellbound in the deep jungle of Mentawai in Indonesia by a people living like they have always done for thousands of years. A shaman, Aman Paksa, takes Audun under his wing and a lifelong friendship evolves.


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As the years pass by, the romantic harmony starts to crumble.. Audun is in dispair witnessing the slow and calm way of life interrupted by a rapid modernisation, or rather – by the trash of the modern world. Ancient techniques and natural materials are swapped with plastic and cheap power tools, barter is replaced with capitalism, paddling oars with motors and the muddy paths become highways.

Newtopia is filmed over a period of 15 years. In a story filled with humor and brutal honesty, Newtopia disrupts the typical films from indigenous communities. The viewer will be left with a feeling of hope, and a profound sense that our common human nature can change for the better. Newtopia is much more than just another film about an ancient exotic culture heading for oblivion, but an epic story of friendship and human nature.

Director Audun Amundsen
Producers Christian Falch & Torstein Parelius
Produced by UpNorth Film for VG TV and NHK
Duration 52 min & 80 min.
Release 2019