Diary from Porn Valley


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Denice is 25 years old and has starred in hundreds of porn films. The last many years, however, she has been preoccupied with the start-up of Scandinavias biggest webcamsite, DKwebcam.

But then Denice decides to make a come back on the American marked, in Porn Valley, LA, to make some new material. Therefore, she packs her bags and leaves for the prosperous Studio City in Los Angeles, where she moves into a 500 square meter house owned by Derek Hay, a porn film agent and owner of LA Direct Models – the largest talent agency for porno film models in the world.

Ten young porn models live together in this house – some of them as young as 18, and about to make their debut in the tough industry of porn. The house is often used for film recordings and “live-streaming”, which offers Internet customers easy access to the models. They are then asked and expected to fulfill certain requests while others watch.

With her 25 years, her body still natural and unaltered, Denice is the most experienced one amongst them. But now she starts to see everything in a new light. She can’t help noticing how all these young girls who, desperate for a short cut to fame and fortune, pump their boobs with silicone and spread their legs, and it starts to get to her. Suddenly she finds herself in a situation, where she must face the fact; she no longer wish to be part of the game in Porn Valley.

Her own reality is reflected in these young girls and it is as if she sees herself for the first time. That’s when she decides to quit the job and go home.

“Naked” explores the sexualization of young people, something that has become almost “acceptable” in the wake of reality shows such as Paradise Hotel. It is a film that looks into how young people sometimes repress their own personal boundaries, and how this affect them.

Denice is currently working as a porn actress and producer.

Director Nicole Nielsen Horanyi
Producer Helle Faber
Produced by: Made in Copenhagen for TV 2/DANMARK
Duration 52 min
Year of Production 2014