My Son in the Jungle


A fascinating journey into the heart of Borneo ? in search of family

My Son in the Jungle

My Son in the Jungle

A single woman, Kristin, travels into the world’s oldest rain forest carrying a deep secret and a photo of a little boy. The boy comes from a tribe she spent 12 months living with a long time ago.

Now, ten years later she is returning to the jungles of Borneo to find and get reacquainted with her lost tribal family.

The woman has no living family in her home country, Norway, and she has set out on this journey to find a new purpose and meaning to her life.

But ten years is a long time and will the tribe be as eager and willing to reunite with Kristin when she returns?

Director Lars Ostenfeld
Producer Mette Heide
Produced by Team Productions ApS
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2009
Original Title City-nomaden