My Path - A Prince of Very Modern Times


How do you navigate life when most of it was already chosen for you? For Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, fitting into a role that he was predestined to take on has not always been easy. In My Path, he tells candid stories of an upbringing filled with doubt — how he was never allowed to ask questions nor was he ever given any answers.


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My Path – A Prince of Very Modern Times

My Path – A Prince of Very Modern Times

For years, the Crown Prince pushed back when expectations seemed too overwhelming. When the limelight became too stressful, he found that the best way to clear his head was by engaging in sports and outdoor activities far away from the tabloids and the public.

Frederik has never been comfortable in his role as heir to the throne, and it was far removed from the gilded halls of the court that he discovered the abilities and personal strengths that would later come to define his character.

My Path gives us an insight into the daily life of a composed and responsible future king who has more in common with the people he will one day rule than any royal predecessors. We also meet a modern family man who nurtures and thrives on the love of his family. As his wife Mary explains, Frederik has come to terms with his role as heir to the throne, because that role is closer to who he is as a man today.

Directors Henrik Lundø & Mads Jørgensen
Producer Jacob Jørgensen
Produced by JJ Film for TV 2
Release 2018/2019