My Hottest Year On Earth

A weather man leaves his job to travel around the globe to meet some of the people, whose lives have been turned upside down due to extreme weather events. The journey depicts record drought and flooding. Furthermore, 2014 proved to be the hottest year in history


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My Hottest Year On Earth

My Hottest Year On Earth

He begins in the Philippines right after Hayan, the worst typhoon ever to hit the islands. Here he meets the amazing 12 year old boy, Ramses, who in the middle of the catastrophe speaks words of wisdom.

The journey continues to the UK where the worst flooding in centuries has been experienced. In California he faces a never ending drought, the worstin 500 years, in Sweden he experiences a record breaking forest fire, and after that, in the German Spitzkoppe, a glazier is melting at alarming speed.

Next stop is Bangladesh with millions of climate refugees. He meets a family who has been forced to move seven times due to flooding.

Last stop on the journey is Florida where sea level rise poses a serious threat to one of therichest countries in the world. How will Americans deal with losing everything they own? This is a very likely scenario.

Director Halfdan Muurholm
Producer Anders Roholt
Produced by DR TV
Year of Production 2015
Original Title Jagten på det vilde vejr
Duration 58 min.