My Different Ways


7 x 25 MIN.

Two hearts. Two secrets. One life. Would you reveal your darkest secret to the love of your life?


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My Different Ways

My Different Ways

27-year-old Vitus is stuck in a rut and generally lost in life until he meets Emma. She’s everything he isn’t. She’s optimistic, adventurous, and follows her impulses. The two of them start seeing each other, yet Vitus leaves out the small detail that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant and has decided to keep the baby against his will. As their relationship evolves it turns out that Emma is carrying a much bigger secret. Will their love survive, when their secrets see the light of the day?

Director Mads Mengel
Writer Christian Bengtson
Producer Anders Berg
Produced By Drive Studios, Denmark
Cast Mads Reuther (The Marco Effect, Into The Darkness, Ride Upon The Storm), Kristine Kujath Thorp (Ninjababy, Doggystyle, Wild Summer)
Original Titel Noget om Emma
Format 7 x 25 min.
Release Q4 2020