My Cousin - The Pirate


What do you do when your own family member becomes a pirate?


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My Cousin – The Pirate

My Cousin – The Pirate

When civil war broke out in Somalia, Nasib Farab’s family could only afford a single one-way ticket so Nasib was sent off alone to grow up in an asylum centre in Europe.

Today he leads a life resembling that of any other European citizen. The region where he grew up, however, is now the very centre of the large-scale Somali piracy and some of the toughest pirates are from Nasib’s own clan and family.

So when Nasib learns that his cousin Abdi plans to join the pirates as well, he decides to go home to make him change his mind.

Nasib follows his cousin closely, facing the pirates and their exploits. While Abdi is trying to become a pirate, Nasib is trying to talk him out of it. Unfortunately Nasib’s arguments carry little weight, simply because Abdi’s alternatives for a better future are lost in a blur of civil war, corruption and khat-chewing.

As Nasib is experiencing his deeply impoverished country and sees the extreme contrasts between the rich and the poor, the time for Abdi’s first raid is approaching. Nasib, deeply affected by seeing his home city being run by criminals, is searching for a meaning and hope for his cousin. They are hard to find.

Even though the pirates call the hijackings for “help yourself foreign aid”, there is little to suggest that the ransom is benefiting other than the pirates. Along the way, it becomes clear to Nasib, how lucky he has been, and that he perhaps would have done exactly the same as Abdi, if the roles had been reversed.

Director Christian Sønderby Jepsen
Producer Helle Faber
Produced by Monday Media
Duration 40 min.
Year of Production 2010
Original Title Min Fætter er Pirat