My Afghanistan


Life in the forbidden zone


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My Afghanistan

My Afghanistan

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Shukrullah, 19, is caught in the line of fire as he tries to get to the storage, where his beloved younger siblings are hiding, while Taliban and the ISAF-forces fight in the backyard. Abdul Mohammad, a widower with four children, finds his peace in the lush green fields behind his home, and Fereshta, 16, in the hope of becoming a journalist practises her interviewing skills on an 8 year-old girl herding sheep.

Over a period of three years, Afghan civilians have filmed their lives behind the frontier in the war torn Afghan province of Helmand. They invite us into their homes, their hopes, and their heartbreaks and their stories form a rich tapestry of an Afghanistan that never makes it to the news. Danish/Afghan director Nagieb Khaja has provided them with cameras, as international media seldom leaves the relative security of the cities.

Shukrullah, Abdul and Fereshta regularly embark on the unsafe journey from their village homes in Helmand. At the checkpoint they turn over their recordings to Nagieb, so the world may see them. They share this goal with Nagieb, but while he returns to the media centre inside the city, they have no choice but to go back and try to survive, living their lives and building their futures.

Director Nagieb Khaja
Producer Lise Lense-Møller & Henrik Grunnet
Produced by Magic Hour Films & Grunnet Film in ass. with Piraya Film, NRK, SVT, YLE, ERT & HRT
Duration 60 min. & feature length
Year of Production 2012
Original Title My Afghanistan