Music Partisans


From the award-winning director Miroslaw Dembinski comes this fascinating programme about a group of musicians who try to raise attention to the problems in Belorussia through their protest songs.

Music Partisans

Music Partisans

By award-winning director of A Lesson of Belorussian. There is a monument of Lenin in every town in Belorussia; you can find the hammer and sickle in every street. The powerful symbol is on sugar bags in cafes and is even stamped on eggs.

Through this country full of absurd Soviet relics, a number of young musicians go on tour. Through their music they try to touch on the problems in Belorussia. This programme follows them through the everyday struggle of “colourful” musicians against a “grey” background.

Music Partisans interlaces interviews with these underground rebels and their protest songs with poignant archive images of the militia that hard-handedly stops protest marches. It concludes with the elections of 2006 that, as was expected, ended in a victory for Lukashenko.

Thousands of demonstrators, including the musicians, gather at October Square, but after a few days they are arrested with force. In jail, however, they will not let them take away their ideals; here, the protest songs simply continue. “If you’re afraid, nothing ever changes.”

Director & Producer Miroslaw Dembinski
Produced by Film Studio Everest
Duration 52 & 58 min.
Year of Production 2007
Original Title Muzyczna Partyzantka