The Mouse

A short film about a small animal


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The Mouse

The Mouse

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The Mouse is a tribute to the little, overlooked animal. A curious documentary with a strong sense of form and a poetic tone that deals with the complex and contradictory position of the mouse in our lives.

The relation between mouse and men began 10,000 years ago, when humans became resident and the mouse saw an opportunity to steal food and warmth from us. Today, the mouse has a broad and important impact on our everyday life. Without the mouse, religion would be paltry, horror bleak, and our knowledge of genetics and space science scarce. But above all, our lives would be a lot shorter and a lot less healthy.

Shot in Sweden, England, USA, India, China and Taiwan, The Mouse is a collage of images, interviews and tableaux that illustrates the many different aspects of mouse-life.

The directors, Bigert&Bergström, want to thank all mice, with great respect and reverence, with this film.

Director & Producer Mats Bigert & Lars Bergström
Produced by Studio Bigert & Bergström
Duration 26 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Musen